Universal stoves

Universal stoves are fired with coal, mixture of coal and fine coal, wood and dry waste. The stoves are welded from boiler plates with the minimum thickness of 8 mm, insulated, with a fixed water grate. The stoves can be provided with the chamotte insert. The combustion process is supported by the pressure fan, which can be adjusted or switched off completely depending on the type of fuel. The surface of the combustion chamber in the stove as well as the access to it are made in accordance with the requirements of the customer. With regards to this issue, we can provide you with professional advice. The channel heat exchanger forces out the vertical movement of the exhaust gases, using the energy that they comprise to the maximum, and does not allow the heat to be released “into the chimney”. The operation of the pressure fan and heat pumps is controlled by the electronic controller. The universal stoves are offered in the range from 50 to 1000 kW. Boiler energy efficiency is 78%