About us

Our company has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of central heating boilers.

We are specialised in the manufacturing of fine coal-fired boilers with the output ranging between 80 and 700 kW. Furthermore, we manufacture custom-made coal-fired, fine coal-fired and eco-pea coal and combined cycle boilers. Our boilers are characterised by long service life, reliability and economic operation.

We have obtained the certificate of the Institute of Heating and Sanitary Technology from Radom as well as the CE/EC energy conformity mark owing to which our boilers may be used in public utility buildings such as hospitals and schools or in residential districts.

The recognition of clients and high popularity of our products all over Poland are the best recommendations of our company.

We also would like you to become familiar with a press article about our company which was published in the “Kulisy Powiatu” weekly.
aryktul kulisy powiatu kotły koch

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